Solar Powered Security Solutions by AISG

Industrial Facilities

Overcome the constant requirements of the ever-changing flow of customers, workers and traffic.

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Security in All
the Right Places

Use multiple Trailers at the same location for monitoring different areas of your site as your project develops.

Exceptional Protection Using the Power of the Sun

The most environmentally sound and efficient solution, Security2Go introduces the SMC1, a self contained Solar Mobile Center for surveillance and monitoring that can go anywhere perimeter protection is needed.

Security2Go Makes It Easy and Cost Effective

The SMC1 Solar Mobile Center offers customized Remote Surveillance and Real-Time Notification of detected events. The Security2Go Central Station operators are immediately notified of an alarm. Within seconds, operators can verify, assess the threat and activate deterrents such as sirens, speakers, sprinklers or dispatch police.

Installation, Monitoring and Maintenance in a Single Solution

The SMC1 comes complete with all the devices installed in one unit, proudly made in America. Equipped with reliable Solar Panels and Battery Backup, the SMC1 uses solar energy for a smaller environmental footprint. SMC1 Solar Mobile Center is 4G and WIFI enabled and offers Bi-directional Audio. Custom-built surveillance setup for optimal coverage allows you to choose from a combination of Thermal, 360-Degree, HD, 4K or LPR Cameras. The Security2Go Mobile APP lets you receive instant alarm notifications and check cameras for live views of events.